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23 October 2016


    • Often I listen to my wandering friend talk and I think, I am not patient enough. I am not smart enough. I am not enough.

      I am reminded again, He is enough.

      End of day and I'm still turning over the hymn from worship-

      Underneath me, all around me, is the current of Thy love.

      Leading onward, leading homeward, to Thy glorious rest above.
      - "O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus"


(794-1185 BC)
Believe it or not, shaved ice as we know it today, dates back several centuries ago to the Heian Period of Japan. Ice was collected from the mountains in the winter time and stored in a special room. This may sound odd but ice itself was considered rare during this time, so shaved ice was really a luxury reserved for royalty.

Later, thousands of Japanese immigrants came to the Hawaiian islands to work on the sugar plantations, bringing with them the first iterations of shaved ice. Using Japanese swords, they would shave large blocks of ice and then flavor the shaved ice with local fruit juices.

- "A Taste of Shaved Ice History"

Thanks Kona Ice for your generosity and for a little taste trip back to the Islands...

20 October 2016


How then we spend our days is how we spend our lives.
- Annie Dillard

spending time together,
(and if you are furry,


the guy buying coffee ahead of me who is retiring in 4 days,
whip cream on top,
our Spanish teacher,
and her little guy who shares his video with me,
prayers of the saints,
everyday crazy,
shared smiles,
laughing out loud,
"even so, it is well with my soul"

19 October 2016


But in the flood of life between the breakfast table and the pillow, we can forget what it means to be blessed. Is blessing wealth, success, and acclaim? It sure seems like it. We are inclined to spend our days striving for the sparkly, sumptuous blessings of the world. But the world has an upside down way of looking at life, and sometimes we have to squint, turn on our heads, and let our hair brush the ground to see it for what it is.
- from SheReadsTruth, "Announcing: The Beatitudes" 


Right now, a walk through the bodega at I-55 feels a little bit like visiting Santa's workshop- Christmas tree stands, wooden gingerbread houses and ornaments all at various stages of work in progress; our vocational ministry students and workers busy working hard. Christmas is coming! (hard as it is to believe when the daily temp at the US/MX border is still in the high 90's!)


Snippets while playing Would You Rather?...

Would you rather be the tag on the back of the car seat or the driver?
The tag.
No, that's wrong. Would you like to choose again?
Would you rather have no nose or no ears?
No ears.
Because if I had no nose, I couldn't pick it. 

Aren't four-year-olds the best?!


So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. 
Romans 12:1 (The Message)

A good day to remember the benefits and blessings of the Rule of Life, of discipline, of abiding in and living for Him who rules all things.

13 October 2016


26 years ago, we stood together in front of family and friends and our Lord, dressed in puffy sleeves and sharp Navy dress whites, and said, "I will." We had a hint of the story that might yet be before us, but not a clue of how chapters would be added and the plot would change along the way.
We don't have spectacular plans to celebrate this year. Last week my mom suggested, "you celebrate marriage every day."
Um. Well. Yes, we should. But, the truth is- we don't.
The truth is, that of all the people in the world, I have no doubt, we love one another the most. And truth is, that at times, we probably treat one another the most poorly.
I'm tremendously sorry for that and I know that he is too.
Again, can we mention that grace that humbles us, and surprises us, and propels us forward, again and again?
Tonight we will sneak out and share a meal together and remember to love one another well. (He does still take my breath away.)
I'm thankful that we continue to say "I will."

12 October 2016


I think about Tuesdays and sigh with contentment.
How thankful I am that the most full day of my week is mostly full of my favorites.


The morning flag ceremony came midday, under bright sun, and the third graders were extra wiggly. But the fifth grade knows how to parade the flag. The "YA!" on the corner turns couldn't have been shouted with more gusto.


Back when I was in college, a good friend used my car to get her driver's license. We went out a few times before the exam for her to practice. It was always an adventure- she was a crazy driver. Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer was at the top of the charts back then and always seemed to be on the radio when we were out. What an appropriate soundtrack that turned out to be! I didn't know that she had never driven before. She 'fessed up after she passed the test and had license in hand.

Lately on Sunday afternoons, I've been taking my wandering friend out, so she can practice driving in preparation for the driver's license test. Sometimes I have to smile, thinking about how unlikely, really, how crazy, it all seems. We practice parallel parking and she gets out to check the distance from the tire to the curb. We try again. I try not to distract her with talking while we drive. My friend, she can really talk, and then, she can lose track of what's around her. But she always remembers, almost spontaneously and often unexpectedly, to pray before we start out. 29 years and counting, I am yet living on a prayer.

09 October 2016


What a lovely day-
quiet early, a psalm to focus my heart, the wind while I run,
unhurried coffee with my man,
a trip to the store, new pair of shorts, a good cup of tea,
preparations for next week made,
a call that all is well,
celebrating with friends, really good food, laughing around the table, the hullabaloo of happy kids...

(and then I remembered what I forgot. Grocery shopping for the week ahead. Alas.)

08 October 2016


Running into Norma at the bodega workshop brings a guaranteed smile. I always look for her when I enter the property. One of the hardest working people I know, Norma works in the Isaiah 55 vocational ministry. She can do almost anything. Earlier in the week, she was assembling Christmas tree stands. On my way to sewing class on Friday, I stopped to take her picture while she was working on gingerbread houses. Norma is deaf but has little problem getting her point across, even though I hardly know sign language. I missed one of the guys in the first shot of this picture. She made it clear I needed to take it again and include all three at the table. Again, I walk away so thankful for where the Lord has us.