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26 September 2016


Make me like a little child, 
Of my strength and wisdom spoiled 
Seeing only in Thy light, 
Walking only in Thy might

- "Jesus Cast a Look On Me" by John Kerridge

25 September 2016


Football Saturday in South Texas-
Huskers on the radio,
corn growing in the fields.

24 September 2016


My assignment was to make a sample using the Indian embroidery technique of Kantha.
In Mexico.
I'm hooked.


The dark is just a canvas
For Your grace and brightness
You're the song
You're the song
Of our hearts

- Rend Collective, "Joy"

(and how I love it when the playlist fits the moment...!)

22 September 2016


One girl, ten pairs of shoes, previously scattered through the house.
"Couldn't you just carry them to my room?" she asked.


21 September 2016


A day full of tasks, full of here and there and ins and outs, adding items to the list and crossing them off. But the most significant moments of the day couldn't be listed as lines on an index card. Rather, over and again, the best time was spent sitting next to people and listening to stories.

20 September 2016


I spent the afternoon in sewing class for the young ladies from the deaf school, helping to bridge the gaps in communicating from English to Spanish to Mexican Sign Language. We watch our master seamstress check the work of the girls since she has been away, measuring distance between darts and looking for the straight stitch and judging seam allowances with a critical eye. The girls wait for the critique, knowing the high standards of their teacher. We see their faces light when told "well done."

There are four brand new girls, just beginning to learn the signs for the craft and the habits of the seamstress. They move to choose fabric for their first project and feel the weight of the cloth carefully, rubbing it between their fingers, judging if it has suitable heft to be transformed into a bag. They measure, and then measure again, and perhaps again, before cutting. They check everything, and have everything checked.

Measure twice, cut once declares the old adage for carpentry. Yet, some traditions say that it was originally said measure seven times, cut once. I keep thinking, how much better off we would be to adapt the same caution in much of life, to plan and then execute, to think before speaking. I remember the correction and then thoughtful praise of the instructor with her learners, how the girls respond to her expectation of excellence.  The girls are not the only students today.

19 September 2016


"Who are we? We are pilgrims on a journey with a glorious destination assured. What have we been given? Well, the guarantee of the future grace of eternity assures us that we will have all the grace we need in the present or we would never have what we need to finish the journey."
- Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies

confession- by late afternoon, I questioned that "all the grace we need in the present" part...