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10 April 2014


All I know is that I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have survived the first 90 seconds of the cloud of space junk. And if I did, I wouldn't have survived the explosion on the Russian space station. And if I did, I wouldn't have grabbed the Chinese space station. And if I did, I wouldn't have survived re-entry. And if I did, I sure as heck would have wanted the movie to end with a ticker tape parade.


from Block City by Robert Louis Stevenson

What are you able to build with your blocks?
Castles and palaces, temples and docks.
Rain may keep raining, and others go roam,
But I can be happy and building at home.

Let the sofa be mountains, the carpet be sea,
There I'll establish a city for me:
A kirk and a mill and a palace beside,
And a harbor as well where my vessels may ride.


let them eat quiche.

08 April 2014


Congratulations to Susannah whose "Best Colors" bracket wins the Holliday Bracket Challenge 2014. She finished 135,495 in the entire ESPN Challenge- not too shabby! Though she did not pick the winner, Susannah did place Connecticut in the final game- because "huskies are cute."
Of course!
Shout out also to Sam and Lydia who placed 2nd and 3rd in this year's challenge. 
Thanks for playing- see you all next year!

(photo credit to Getty images)

07 April 2014


My heart is steadfast, O God!
    I will sing and make melody with all my being!
 Awake, O harp and lyre!
    I will awake the dawn!
 I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples;
    I will sing praises to you among the nations.
 For your steadfast love is great above the heavens;
    your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

Psalm 108:1-4 (ESV)

06 April 2014


6 barking dogs, behind fences or on a chain (& one that looked at me from the porch).
5 houses wafting bacon or cooking tortillas or starting up the grill.
4.09 miles.
3 yard sales, clothes hanging on the chain link fences.
2 cars booming bass, heard coming from behind even with earphones on.
1 run through the 'hood on a Saturday morning.


some go to prom.

some go to dinner and then shopping and then for a brew and then for an ice cream...
to each their own.


a few of the rules for life:
Don't be afraid to try.
Know your limits.
Keep very good friends who save you in a moment of crisis.
... in everything give thanks.

05 April 2014


With a washer working at half speed and a larger than average number of sheets and towels needing to be washed, I headed to the neighborhood laundromat.

That smell of detergent and fabric softener and dry cleaning and clean floors and 8 hours old coffee in the percolator.
The circle eyes of dryer doors and shining tile floors and dated wood paneling and wheeled-baskets lined up in a row.
The border mix of country and Tejano music floating from above and the spin of the washers and the rumble of the dryers and the rising voices of a debate in Spanish in the far corner.
And then friends who bring me a drink and even help me fold in the middle of it all.

Just over an hour, and I leave with clean linens, folded and stacked in a basket, ready to be stored for the next use.

I'm pretty sure I could be a great laundromat owner...


Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 
- Matthew 6:28-29 (ESV)


thankful for a man who does the oil change,
and who teaches his daughter to do it herself, too.


THAT kind of day.