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31 December 2009

Afternoon in Santa Fe

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.”
Georgia O'Keefe
We also spent an afternoon in Santa Fe.
Tasty lunch with family and friends.
Tour of the Georgia O'Keefe Musuem with a terrific guide.
Unique views.

at the zoo

We had an amazing behind-the-scenes tour of the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque last week.
First stop was to meet Rozie and 4 month old baby Daizy. Precious!

The kids fed the giraffes.

We brushed the rhinos. Amazing! Their skin is truly like leather. Thick! And yet, when you scratch them behind the ear, they will lift a leg, just like my dog does when you scratch behind his ear.

We visited the crocs, too.
A very good afternoon at the zoo.

25 December 2009

DPP- December 25- Mii esposo

December Photo Project- Day 25

Wii think this is an amazing likeness...  :-)

Light of the Stable

Hail, hail to the newborn king
Let our voices sing him our praises
Hail, hail to the guiding light
That brought us tonight to our savior

Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia
Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia

Come now, there it shines so bright
To the knowing light of the stable
Lean close to the child so dear
Cast aside your fear and the thankful

Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia
Ale, alleluia, alle, alleluia

Light of the Stable, lyrics written by Steve and Elizabeth Rhymer
Listen to Emmylou Harris sing it here.

A great light

Those walking in darkness have seen a great light, said the prophet Isaiah of Jesus’ triumphant arrival. Here is a great mystery: that very light lives in us. In the streets of our Bethlehem, a child has been born. On the hill of our sin a man has been crucified. In the garden tomb of our hearts that man has risen and proved that he was also God all along. What have we to fear? Nothing.
Andrew Peterson, Fearless Faith, The Rabbit Room blog

Throughout the Advent season, over and over, seemingly everywhere I listen, everywhere I read, I am challenged by that idea of light and darkness, and the coming of Light. 
That would be a wonderful study...
Do read the entire Peterson post. 
Good news!  Great joy!
Rejoice in the birth of the Savior!

24 December 2009

DPP- December 24- 'Twas the night before Christmas...

December photo project- day 24-

... while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...

The door of freedom

A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes ... and is completely dependent on the fact that the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside, is not a bad picture of Advent.

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer
German theologian and pastor (1906-1945)

DPP- December 23- Not invited to the party

December Photo Project- day 23

"A gang of terriers," says the son.

22 December 2009

DPP- December 22- Road trip

December Photo Project- day 22-

if it's a road trip, then it must be Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

21 December 2009

DPP- December 21- Ornament exchange

I attended an annual Christmas party tonight, just as I've been doing for MANY years...
(how many years have we been doing the exchange, girls?  10?)
It's a virtual ornament exchange.  Well, we really exchange ornaments, but we're not really together.  We "meet" in an chat room and type as fast as the computer will allow.

I've been corresponding with this group of moms since 1995.  We met on the brand new world wide web, all with babies born in the summer of 1995.  It's a sweet sisterhood.  These ladies cause me to ponder things in ways I might not otherwise be prompted.  They are quick to encourage.  And they never cease to make me laugh.

The beautiful angel was my gift this year, and a perfect choice, as I have a collection of angel ornaments.  Thanks Janet!
And thanks, friends! 

20 December 2009

DPP- December 20- ahhhh...

December Photo Project- day 20-

I only meant to take a picture of my mug and my french press
It was just what I needed today. 
I love my french press.

But then, after I took the picture, I noticed...
you can also see our espresso machine. 
and where we store our beans.
and the regular ol' coffee maker.

really.  Coffee isn't THAT important in our house.

19 December 2009

DPP- December 19- Foggy O

O! on a foggy night downtown...

18 December 2009

DPP- December 18- Spumoni

When I was growing up, we frequently celebrated birthdays and other special occassions at Mama Mia's restaurant.  I probably learned about Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers, the drinks- not the actors..., at Mama Mia's.  Mama Mia's had great salads, with peppers and olives and curls of parmesean cheese, and great spaghetti. (some ordered it with meatballs or saussage.  My cousin Sherry always had shrimp on top.)  And for dessert, Mama Mia's served a little frosted silver cup of spumoni ice cream.

And ever since, I love Spumoni.  Spumoni- the Italian version of Neopolitan, with chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream, with bits of fruits and nuts too.  It's not easy to find- except at Christmas time.  Thanks Blue Bunny, for a tasty scoop of Spumoni!

And hey- I'm not the only one that likes it!  This comic was in the paper a few weeks back...


17 December 2009

DPP- December 17- when you lose track of your camera...

... because you are responsible for the choir reception and are trying to get a kitchen clean and go home...

... you get 80+ pictures from when certain twin girls put the camera on the continuous shot mode and shoot one walking toward the other.  And back again. 
(me while downloading- "WHAT?!  I didn't take 109 pictures...")

Very amusing actually, especially the fact that in the majority of the photos, I'm in the background, completely oblivious to what is going on around me (and moving much slower than the walking girl is!!).

So the photo of the day is of walking girl, VERY CLOSE to the camera.

I'm thankful for digital!
December Photo Project, day 17.

16 December 2009

DPP- December 16- "The Perfect Gift..."

"The Perfect Gift for the Modern Homemaker"

That's what the side of the box for the handmixer says.
Almost every week I work with a neat, and rather not what you would expect of the kitchen church ladies, group of ladies to cook Wednesday night dinner at church.
The mixer came with the church.  (the church building and how we ended up in it, that's another great story for another day)  The church is old, and so is that mixer.  We figure it's from the 60's.  Or so.

We use that mixer almost every week, and almost every week we laugh.
"Where's the Perfect Gift for the Modern Homemaker?," we ask.
Kitchen worker humor! 
When you cook dinner for 100, you need humor!

So, for today's picture o' the day, I got my dear friend to pose with the mixer.  And the box, of course.

I'd be amiss if I didn't also mention that my friend (who I promised would remain nameless!) is one who every woman would do well to model, modern homemaker or not. 
She's an amazing cook.  (ask my kids about her meatballs.  or her potato soup.  or her fresh bread...) 
She's crafty, and I mean that in a nice mitten making way, not a "using cunning or trickery" kind of way. 
But more than that, she's a trusted friend and confidant, who sharpens me and others, and for that I'm blessed and thankful.

And remember, if you are still looking for that Perfect Gift for your sweetie...

15 December 2009

DPP- December 15- Christmas Program

December Photo Project- day 15.

Tonight the girls and I went to watch friends at their school Christmas program. 

Amazingly, we ended up with 1st row seats!  (thanks, Les!)

Great job 3rd-5th graders! 

14 December 2009

DPP- December 14- Shovelling

More snow this morning.
On top of ice.

Ice on the windshield.
FRIGID cold!
and getting colder.

But at least I have this guy to shovel for me!  :-)
Thanks J!

13 December 2009

DPP- December 13- Hats

December Photo Project, day 13.

"Do you like my hat?"
"I do! What a hat! I like that party hat!"
Go, Dog. Go! by PD Eastman

Ok, I know, they aren't really party hats!  But in my mind, "hat" and Go, Dog. Go! are synonymous.  I could read, uh, recite, that book in my sleep (& I probably did!) for many, many years! 

I do! I do like those hats!  And so do my girls.

12 December 2009

DPP- December 12- Cookies

Soup and sandwiches followed by
carolling in the neighborhood, cocoa and cookies
at church
tomorrow night.

Come join us.  :-)

11 December 2009

DPP- December 11- Pasta lunch

My oldest daughter made me lunch today, so she earned the privilege of choosing the picture of the day...

This meal is a staple in our house.  Tomatoes, onion, garlic and bacon over pasta.  Any pasta.  Bonus if we have parmesean cheese for the top. 
Thanks k.

10 December 2009

DPP- December 10- but shadows

December Photo Project, day 10.

“Look round and round upon this bare bleak plain, and see even here, upon a winter's day, how beautiful the shadows are! Alas! it is the nature of their kind to be so. The loveliest things in life, Tom, are but shadows; and they come and go, and change and fade away, as rapidly as these!”
Charles Dickens

09 December 2009


Need a Snow Day?Well, we don't really need a snow day around here!  But even those of you digging out and thawing out will have fun "cutting" out these snowflakes.

DPP- December 9- If life gives you snow...

... make snowcones!

December Photo Project, day 9

08 December 2009

DPP- December 8- SnOmaha

December Photo Project- December 8
Snow.  Snow.
Snow all the day long.

07 December 2009

DPP- December 7- Ornament

I don't remember not having this ornament.  I've hung her on the Christmas tree since I was old enough to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree.  I like that Navajo girl.  She reminds me of growing up in New Mexico.  I think she was a gift when I was only a tot.

they spelled my name wrong...  :-)

06 December 2009

DPP- December 6- Winter Storm Warning

December Photo Project- Day 6

Our family travelled out west Saturday, to worship with these folks today.  They shared with us gracious hospitality, incredibly comfortable accomodations, delicious food and sweet fellowship.  And when we walked out of church, we were greeted with...

Rapidly dropping temperature.  Blowing snow. 

This is the few from the front passenger seat.
(and we made it home before it started to stick... )

DPP- December 5- Poster Child

December Photo Project- Day 5

If it's December, we're on to a new sports season... basketball! 

Our junior high hoopster played in her first game of the season on Saturday & the entire family was out to cheer her on.  My girls play volleyball and basketball with the Warriors, a team for homeschool girls.  What a blessing the Warriors have been to my family over the last five (six?) years!  We love to cheer for the girls, but to tell the truth, sitting with the other families is just as a much a part of the fun.

So, indeed, go Warriors!

05 December 2009

Rich and Multi-faceted

God's people are delighted to be asked to partner. They are generous - sacrificially so. They are creative. They are committed and excited and prayerful. They long for workers for the harvest and they have confidence in a big God. They want to serve.

My friend Julie has written so very well about this work of itinerating, going about the business of raising the support to go into full-time missions.  Her first hand thoughts mirror my own.  We are exceedingly blessed by those who are sacrificially generous, and creative, and praying, and looking expectantly to what the Lord will do.

The Gentino family is being called to south Asia.  My family has eyes fixed south, to the US/Mexico border.  But no matter where in Kingdom, the partnership is the same. 

It is rich and multi-faceted. It is sharing life and not looking inward to ourselves but together looking outward to what God is doing somewhere else in the world.

Some of us are called to go.  Others are called to partner.  And you?

04 December 2009


Farewell Mr. Monk!

We were latecomers.  But oh we've enjoyed the last few months. 

Yes, we confess, there are some of us here that understand your habits, some of us more than others.  (uh, not that I have ever tried to vacuum the dog.  no... not me...)

And all of us are impressed by your ability to figure out the mystery. 

You gave us family laughs, and lots of quotes.

Good work, Monk!
See you on DVD!

DPP- December 4- Douglas County Courthouse Rotunda

December Photo Project- day 4.

Today I took a friend to the courthouse to pay some fees.  We had to stand in the cashier's line. 
I looked around.
I looked up.

My little camera doesn't show the story well enough.  The rotunda shows a series of paintings from the history of Omaha, and a beautiful stained glass dome center.

But even more beautiful was the surprise my friend received.  Very unexpectedly, quite inexplicably, her fees had been waived.  She owed nothing.  Her slate is clean.  She doesn't know who to thank, but she is grateful.

But we both remember, that's not the first time that has happened.

Colossians 2:13-14-
When you were dead in your transgressions and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He made you alive together with Him, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.

Thank you Jesus.  We're grateful.

03 December 2009

DPP- December 3- Old Market Passageway

December Photo Project- Day 3

Today, in search of The Perfect Christmas Ornament Exchange ornament, we went down to the Old Market...

the view from the entryway of the Old Market Passageway.

02 December 2009

DPP- December 2

December Photo Project- Day 2. 

Cranberry Nut Bars.
They are the speciality of my friend Jill.  She is FAMOUS, in the homeschool volleyball world and probably beyond!, for these Cranberry Nut Bars. 
I'm telling you, they taste even better than they look.
And they look good!

(and thanks to my friend Kim, I can give you the recipe to serve 100, too.  Just in case.  :-)  )

01 December 2009

December Photo Project- December 1

December Photo Project, day 1.
There are several photos I could post from today. 
I helped to decorate the church for Christmas, and I took photos.
My family decorated our Christmas tree, and I took photos.

But I asked a daughter to help me decide which photo to use and this is what she chose.
Our dog, Dillon, the Welsh Terrier.
His schnoz is pretty much that big.

(note to self- if  you don't want an opinion, don't ask for it...  :-)