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20 June 2010

Midsummer Night

How dost one tell this tale anew?
To make it fresh as morning dew?
Save pouring Oberon’s juice of the purple flower?
Tell it Midsummer Night, in a forest, for hearts to devour.
Midsummer Night’s Dream

We had the pleasure of taking in a performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream, a production of the Words Players in Rochester, Minnesota, this week. The Words Players are a troupe of youth thespians, and they did a terrific job of interpreting Shakespeare for a young crowd.

The casting for this production captured the essence of the Midsummer characters. Puck and the band of faeries flitted around while conducting their naughty mischief on the star-crossed lovers. The “Polite Mechanicals” interpreted the scene ahead with hilarious irreverence. And all of the cast cleverly used both the outdoor venue of the park, and the audience itself, to play on the hilarity of Shakespeare’s words.

For many years, we’ve been part of the audience at Omaha’s Shakespeare on the Green. It was fun to take in Shakespeare in a new setting this summer. Bravo, Words Players!

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