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27 November 2013

December Photo Project 2013

Yes, November has been a 365 bust.
But hope is on the way!
This will be my fifth year to participate in the December Photo Project. It is one of my favorite December events!

My December calendar is already full. I already am making preparations, for gifts and for cards and for events. For basketball games and for one last trip for training and for wrapping up the year.

But even more than all of that, the next four weeks remind me, force me, to look back at the beginning, and to look with anticipation to that time when God promised,

I am going to send my Messenger- The Promised One.
The One you have been waiting for. 
The Rescuer.

He is coming. So, get ready!...
now the time had come for the best part of God's Plan. 
God himself was going to come. Not to punish His people- but to rescue them. 
God was getting ready to wipe away every tear from every eye.
And the true party was just about to begin...

(from "Get Ready!," The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones)

For me, the DPP is part of that getting ready- looking at the world through a lens, yes, but also through the lens of He who came to save. Thanks View From the Prairie Box for helping that to happen!

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