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12 December 2013

dpp 11 or 345/365

One short evening at Casa Hogar de San Francisco, an orphanage in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, MX.
This picture was taken during the mad chaotic frenzied scrambled to grab candy after the pinata first began to give up its candy stores...

I love this picture.
The color.
The action.
The faces.

I think I took this picture, but I didn't take many photos last night. The kids took most of them- aiming sometimes aimlessly at their friends.The entire album causes me to smile. Last night we were reminded of how the Greatest Gift of Christmas, Jesus himself, continues to gift us. And last night the truth of ministry revealed itself once again- we are blessed to be a blessing.

To see some of the photos of Posada y Pinata, click here...
Posada y pinatas en Casa Hogar de San Francisco Dec 2013

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