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17 March 2014


Heading north but looking south, we stopped to get a photo of the roadside wildflowers, but in the end, it was the clouds that won.

I do love a road trip, even when it means delivering our boy back to school, but this day, I was glad for the trip to be finished. We weren't the only ones leaving the Rio Grande Valley after spring break. Traffic was heavy, and occasionally dangerous. At one point, we went off the road to avoid a car changing lanes and then stopping abruptly in front of us. After much thanks for safety and a few pushes to get out of the soft median dirt, we were back on the road.

I am admittedly becoming a more anxious passenger. I remember my grandma and her shouts of "JIM!" to my grandpa while driving. I try not to watch the traffic.

There are a lot of wildflowers, pink and yellow and red and purple, roadside in south Texas this time of year...

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