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23 July 2014


This was the day that we looked forward to in faith back in July 2007, when we first came down to serve at Iglesia La Vid in Laredo. That first summer we worked on the inside of the cinder block building shell, just a fan moving heated air around in the hottest month of summer. We started painting the outside of the building in the bright orangey-red and mustard yellow and sage green that probably wouldn't be popular anywhere except south Texas. Our kids played and worked with their kids. I prayed with their ladies. We were exceedingly abundantly blessed.

They captured our hearts.

We came back the next year. And the next. And most of the summers ever since. We saw that building finished, despite budget constraints, despite permit issues, despite the challenges that sometimes seemed enormous. We saw their kids grow up next to ours. We prayed for the church and we worshiped with the church. We grew to love Pastor Carlos and his most dear wife Andrea. We saw God show himself so very faithful to the work at Iglesia La Vid.

On this day, this Spanish-speaking congregation became a particular church of the Presbyterian Church in America. We were there in those pews to rejoice with them, and yes, we closed our eyes and remembered that first week. We hugged friends and celebrated that there are people there we don't know. Yet. We are excited, and eager, to see how God will use these people in this place to grow His kingdom in the years to come. And ready to be back with them again.

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