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09 August 2014

Only YOU...

Kristy trivia- I'm a Smokey the Bear fan.

I think it started in middle school. I was a member of a most awesome Girl Scout troop. We traveled and camped all over New Mexico, including one trip to Capitan, New Mexico, where the real little bear cub Smokey was rescued from a forest fire in 1950. Capitan is the home of Smokey Bear Historical Park, and is where Smokey is buried. (ha! BEAR-ied...)
I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!! There was an actual Smokey the Bear.

Then later while still a Girl Scout, at some big event down at the Convention Center I got to BE Smokey the Bear, wearing the Smokey the Bear costume, while my fellow Girl Scout handlers told others "only YOU can prevent forest fires..." (Of course!) I was accompanied by Woodsy Owl, of "give a hoot- don't polute..." fame. (hmmm... I'm pretty sure that there was no real Woodsy Owl...)

(note: fellow introverts- wouldn't many of you agree- wearing a costume in complete anonymity, not having to say a word, not a public soul who knows who you are- isn't it a dream?!)

And today I hear it's Smokey's 70th birthday- just don't light the candles!

(Smokey image from 1982 ad campaign from the vault)

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