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30 September 2015


But slow me down, Father. Slow me down in the coming days to savor nature’s declaration of your glory. I’ve been way too busy of late, and I don’t want to look up only to see all of the leaves on the ground. Help me to live at the pace of grace. Tune my ears and open my eyes, to experience what you want to show me about yourself through the things you have made.
The pouring forth of creation-speak is endless, wondrous, and sumptuous—a visual, auditory, aromatic smorgasbord of delights. How can anyone with any degree of sensual awareness ponder creation and not worship you, the Creator of all things?
We gathered in the street, and then on the side of the road, and finally in the driveway, searching for that perfect spot; gazing, gaping, watching in wonder the show in motion above us, high in the heavens. My camera failed me, or maybe more correctly, I failed my camera- nothing from the lens could begin to adequately capture the work of His hands in motion in the darkness overhead. I surrendered, tucked my usually trusty Nikon away, and again was reminded, "Be still and know that I am God."

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