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04 April 2017


I spent two parts of my day with him today. He wouldn't stay in his seat if his very life depended on it. He runs laps around the property; really, he runs laps. He leaps at the Jenga tower and the girls scream. His fuse is lightning quick and super short. He's wiry and surprisingly strong, though he looks like a little guy. He dives into the bigger boys without fear or any obvious concern for his well being. I think he attempted a few parkour moves off the desks during Bible study tonight. He might have used up half a bottle of glue on his own project. We say his name 100 times a night, with an accent on every single syllable at different points. All this and yet, he has my heart. He's the cutest bundle of trouble I think I know. I'm sure that he could tell stories no one his age should know to tell. He tells us that he's thankful for his mama and he's sorry for behaving badly, and we remind him again that our Jesus loves him. His toothy grin when he sees you is generally contagious. We want him to succeed and man, we're learning patience in the doing. Again and again, we echo, "Let the little children come."

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