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29 January 2014


I couldn't pass that flaming bush one more time without stopping for a photo. Not one more time. Never mind that an old toothless man was standing in the front yard across the street, staring at the lady getting out of the big tan van with a camera in her hands. Never mind that the bush is on the corner of busy street and a school zone no less, so everyone was driving by 20 mph while staring at the photographer. Never mind that the pit bull appeared to be tethered but one couldn't be exactly sure how long that rope would lead. Never mind.
I waved at the kind man, and shouted out, "beautiful, isn't it?!"
I ignored the traffic.
I clucked kindly at the pit bull, and decided I had my shot once he started to stir,
and growl,
and then bark.
Never mind.

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