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20 January 2014

A Letter to Delta

Dear Delta Airlines-

The day my friend found the fare, the day after Christmas when I was just laying around in recovery with no specific thought of buying a ticket that day, I thought it too good to be true. I know that you said it was "a glitch in the system," but I count it as Great Providence. Thank you for being true to your word, and even though some poor sap in the IT department was probably fired, honoring the fares from that quick and very unanticipated two-hour sale.

In doing so, you blessed me beyond measure. Oh it was a quick 33 hour trip! But nearly every moment was spent well and my heart is full. Probably folks in the airport looked at that goofy lady with a smile plastered on her face and wondered, "what's going on with her!?"

In that 33 hours, I had breakfast with the bride, surprised a friend in the hospital, laughed (probably too loud) through lunch, shared stories around a table, hugged many dear friends, celebrated a wedding, rejoiced with those who rejoiced, was blessed by the hospitality and friendship and wise counsel of those most dear, ate breakfast with a far far away friend, and shared companionship right to the moment of walking back through security and heading home again.

(and speaking of security- that TSA pre-check exemption? That's a wonder, too!)

And all for a fare of $2.98 with taxes and fees of $39.32 (that probably doesn't cause you Delta folks to laugh out loud, but I confess, I do every time I look back on the receipt!)

So again, Delta Airlines, thank you!
I hope we can do it again.
Most sincerely,
A Very Satisfied Customer from South Texas

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