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14 December 2016


DPP12- "God is asking the unthinkable. To trust him in the dark. To accept his will when we don’t understand. To submit to his sovereignty in the midst of uncertainty. To believe he has a purpose when nothing makes sense. Unthinkable as it is, God keeps asking me to trust him."

 - by Vaneetha Rendall Risner, "If I Only Knew Why," at the Desiring God website

When I woke up for the day, I had plans- plans for where I would be, what I would be doing, who I would be with, even what I would take a photo of. By a few minutes to 9, all of that and all of my family was changed. We are walking by faith, and trusting that our good and faithful God walks with us in this deep sadness.

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Leslie said...

He not only walks with... He walks ahead. The hardest part is trusting and believing that moment by moment. But we can pray FOR you (for all of you) that you will be able to do that. But it IS moment.
And the body will uphold you. It is agonizing. Praying for you as so many prayed for us.