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29 December 2016


Overheard today-
"My favorite color is rainbow."

Yes, I'm a mom of kids in their late teens and 20's and even 30's.
But my friends, you moms of littles and tots and babes in arm- can I tell you something?
I love your kids.
Really. I do.
I love for them to come over and play with our trains and blocks and crayons. I love to hear them tell me stories of what they love. And I don't mind a bit when they drop goldfish crackers on my floor (and neither does my dog...)

For this displaced Poppy, it's all joy to have your peeps for a morning. I promise. So ask me. Yeah, yeah, I'm busy with this and that but if I'm here, I want to serve you. I remember. I remember how sometimes you get in a pinch, and you have to go to the doctor or you need to get your hair cut. (Never ever take your littles with you to a haircut. Never. Ever. It makes the stylist nervous. And no one wants a nervous stylist. I speak from experience...) Sometimes, maybe, you just want to make your house clean without a trail of un-doing behind you. And sometimes you just have to sit in all quiet and do nothing for a time. That's ok too.

I remember those saints who served me when I was far, far away from family and my husband was far, far away besides. I'm forever indebted to the ladies who sent me their teens and the ones who had me sit on their couch or outside under their tree and reminded me that it was just a season. They were the ones who pointed me to the Word and who taught me to pray and who trusted me as a friend. We all need fellowship. Can I serve you?

And besides, is there nothing more grand than a little falling asleep in your lap?
Your littles bless me.
Thank you for sharing.


D and E said...
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D and E said...

And thank you for blessing us this morning! ❤❤❤