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01 March 2017


After a week of coughing and sneezing, no more excuses. Back out today.

My husband still fast asleep, I slide out of bed and move as quietly as I can through the dark. I collect my wears. No light necessary. I know the feel of my shorts at the top of the drawer, the bright white of the shirt, the weight of the socks, the elastic of the headband. I walk into the closet and kneel down right where my shoes will be and feel for the tell-tale laces. One. Two. I dress from habit, without thinking. I pull my laces tight and tie my shoes without thought. I feel for my watch and strap it on and feel for my music and clip it on and feel for the little flashing light for my shoe and stick it around my heel. I go to the cooler with my water bottle, knowing when it is full by sound. I exit the house and enter the street. I wait for my watch to be ready and do that simultaneous music/time click. I am on my way, looking forward, sunrise to the east, birds calling, dogs barking, the world waking. I never once look down...

...until the jog through the 'hood is complete and I'm back on my street.
I laugh out loud.
Two different shoes!

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