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03 May 2017


Apparently completely oblivious to cultural norms, the kids began to arrive at 4, though we planned for the party to start at 6. The first group helped to raise the banners and move the tables. The girls made their own games with foam mats, little houses and then hopscotch. The Jenga blocks became construction materials, buildings exceeding the height of the little ones (until inevitably, the boys knocked them down- what do you expect?). We played Lotería with real prizes. We hopped and raced and scrambled. We ate hot dogs Mexican style with mustard and ketchup and mayonnaise and tomatoes and cheese and onions and jalapeños and washed it all down with cool jamaica. A whole bunch of kids schemed on how to get an extra treat bag- no, they are not for your toddler sister who barely has teeth and doesn't yet talk. No, they are not for your mom. No, they are not for your aunt. But, if you are our very adorable elderly next door neighbor and you want a treat bag, yes- there is definitely one more bag for you.
Día de los Niños- even for the young at heart.

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