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19 May 2017


When you take your charges to the playground, you will see the lawnmower man come by in his very noisy cutting machine.
And when the lawnmower man comes by in his very noisey cutting machine, you will see a rabbit scurry through the tall grass for safety.
You will see the lawnmower man get off his machine and get out his tools and check the valves on the sprinklers.
And when he checks the valves on the sprinklers, you will hear the spurt and spizz of the water coming through the sprayers.
You will see your charges yelp for joy.
And you will see them suddenly running and jumping through the morning mist.
Your charges will run and jump through the morning mist, and get wet and cut grass will cover their feet and splotches of mud will paint their legs.
And you will wonder if an apartment complex has a hose.
You will find that an apartment complex does NOT have a hose so you will try to herd your charges to the bathtub to rinse off without covering the floor with grass.
And you will find that your charges get completely undressed and decide to take a full-fledged bath.
You will run the bath and add a cap full of bubbles just because.
And you will laugh as they pour pitchers of water over one another.
You will dry them off and re-clothe them and color with them and feed them and watch a movie with them.
And then your charges will be ready to go to the playground...

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