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31 December 2009

at the zoo

We had an amazing behind-the-scenes tour of the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque last week.
First stop was to meet Rozie and 4 month old baby Daizy. Precious!

The kids fed the giraffes.

We brushed the rhinos. Amazing! Their skin is truly like leather. Thick! And yet, when you scratch them behind the ear, they will lift a leg, just like my dog does when you scratch behind his ear.

We visited the crocs, too.
A very good afternoon at the zoo.


norsk said...

How cool is that!

Karen said...

that little elephant is adorable!

B said...

What great shots! Sounds like fun was had by all. Love that the rhino lifted his leg when you scratched behind his ear. How sweet is that? B.