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17 April 2011

two weeks pass...

I blink and I take a breath, just one it seems, and 2 weeks have passed by...

and suddenly, we are almost finished with classes;
and suddenly, we are just a week away from leaving this place that has been home for the last 8 months;
and suddenly, that which seemed so far away is right in front of us.

(insert deep breath.)

in those two weeks I took four exams,
and tried to understand the subjunctive tense,
and the pronoun se,
and how to say it all in a tongue that is not yet truly my own.

and in those two weeks,
I visited a coffee operation,
and shared worship with likeminded believers in a hot & dry yet very sweet place,
and searched for a home on the internet.

and in two more weeks,
is it possible?,
we will be somewhere entirely different,
new and yet home again?

1 comment:

Liz said...

grace to you in this time of yet more transitioning!

i don't know if you saw my response to your comment on my blog... but it looks like we'll be in McAllen at the same time! hope to see you!