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19 March 2012

march sadness

March Madness, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, is an eagerly anticipated event in my house. For years, my family has filled in the bracket and lived the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We cheer for Cinderellas, and yet collectively groan when a top seed loses and slays a bracket. The last few years, we have played through the ESPN Tournament Challenge, adding multiple brackets and friends to the mix. We look forward to those Thursday first round games with much anticipation.

So imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when I realized, well into Thursday evening, my brackets didn't make it into the challenge! I am not sure what happened. It is very possible that I didn't save and actually enter them. It is also possible that another family member (who shall remain nameless...) ACCIDENTALLY (no accusations here!!) logged onto my account, and changed my settings to his/her own and lost mine. No matter- no entry for me this year.

The good news? Would you believe I have picked every single game right?! We'll never know... My picks are less than scientific, so not even I really remember...

But meanwhile, over at Holliday Fam and Friends, here's a 1st and 2nd round shout out to the leader board- my friend Anne who is looking strong going into next weekend; buddy Tim who is enjoying the top while it lasts since his predicted winner already lost; and son James and sister Kim who are tied for third. Best bracket name this year- definitely goes to daughter Ashley, true truth in advertising- "Pretty Logos."

And from me, just like my Lobos, I'm thinking "next year..."

(photo credit: Don Ryan, AP)

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