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09 March 2012

on the web

I use google reader to follow blogs and sites on the web. That has been a great thing, as I see when there have been updates and I don't spend much time checking randomly, hoping for new content. Some favorite finds this week:

that made me laugh out loud (both from 22Words):
Crazy Library Lady - the best part, not a sound to disturb the library peace!
Guy Pranks a Friend- wait for the ending!

that I just plain enjoyed:
Keep Calm and Carry On- the story behind the British WWII poster (from
Women Travelers: A Century of Trailblazing Adventures: and the photos! added to my reading list (from Design*Sponge)

that made me cry and my stomach hurt (both from
The New Scar on My Soul- on selective reduction from a dad's perspective
Tornadoes- basically, I will never get over living in Nebraska and knowing what tornadoes can do

and more.
so much good stuff out there...

(photo credit: Wartime Posters- there's more than just Keep Calm)

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