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27 March 2012

San Diego

I traveled to San Diego to teach ESL training over the weekend, and was able to stay an extra night to catch up with two girlfriends.

Which was terrific!

They took me to Ocean Beach and then to La Jolla, and we ate great Mexican food, and since they are photogs, we took pictures.

And we laughed and talked and stayed up altogether too late, which is exactly what friends should do, right?

Thanks Michelle and Tina!
I can hardly wait to come back!


Julie said...

Fun pics! David's mom Linda is embarking on the teaching ESL journey in their PCA churches in Lancaster, PA. I am SO excited for her. Will tell her to contact you if she needs a pep talk. :)

Marcy said...

What a fantastic visit! So glad you were able to stay to get together with them.

K said...

j- I work with the lady who did their training! I wish I had put that together earlier! I met people from Lancaster at the mercy conference a couple of weeks ago.
YES- give her my email for ANYthing!
(ps- letter arrived! the return is a work in progress...) :-)

m- come west, Marcy! come west!!

Michelle said...

Wow, your friends are gorgeous. Lol

Michelle said...

Yeah.....word verification is gonzo.