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11 June 2014


I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.
- Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Yes, for those who might notice such things, that was 62 days between posts. The funny thing is, I took a photo during most of those days. But, one day turned into a week, and a week turned into a month, and a month turned into two months. And in through all of that time, I kept thinking, "I can catch up..."

But I can't. Then I remembered, HEY!! It's my blog! I don't have to catch up.
So I'm starting again. Today.

Today I got up and ran and exchanged some snarky words with my girls (and heard a few, too) and drank some coffee and drove to the beach. Somewhere over the drive we declared a truce and sang out loud. I waited too long for a large unsweet ice tea, and returned a sweet tea, and watched (carefully) a new drink poured. I walked across the sand and I looked out over the Gulf (and yes, these big bodies of water are still a wonder to this New Mexican girl, even after all these years of living by water!), and took pictures of a catamaran race and dove into the water, salt in my eyes. I read a magazine and soaked in the sun and walked over hot sand and shared a sandwich and washed off sand and lotion. I approved airline reservations and mailed some gifts and arranged for copies and bought an iced latte because I couldn't make it one more block in the hot weather without stopping. I watched Jeopardy and studied the Lord's Supper with a man at church and ate supper with friends and met someone new. I sang and I listened and I studied and I prayed.

And yes, it's true, I'm still learning how to sail this ship.
I'm not afraid of storms.

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