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12 October 2016


Back when I was in college, a good friend used my car to get her driver's license. We went out a few times before the exam for her to practice. It was always an adventure- she was a crazy driver. Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer was at the top of the charts back then and always seemed to be on the radio when we were out. What an appropriate soundtrack that turned out to be! I didn't know that she had never driven before. She 'fessed up after she passed the test and had license in hand.

Lately on Sunday afternoons, I've been taking my wandering friend out, so she can practice driving in preparation for the driver's license test. Sometimes I have to smile, thinking about how unlikely, really, how crazy, it all seems. We practice parallel parking and she gets out to check the distance from the tire to the curb. We try again. I try not to distract her with talking while we drive. My friend, she can really talk, and then, she can lose track of what's around her. But she always remembers, almost spontaneously and often unexpectedly, to pray before we start out. 29 years and counting, I am yet living on a prayer.

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