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13 October 2016


26 years ago, we stood together in front of family and friends and our Lord, dressed in puffy sleeves and sharp Navy dress whites, and said, "I will." We had a hint of the story that might yet be before us, but not a clue of how chapters would be added and the plot would change along the way.
We don't have spectacular plans to celebrate this year. Last week my mom suggested, "you celebrate marriage every day."
Um. Well. Yes, we should. But, the truth is- we don't.
The truth is, that of all the people in the world, I have no doubt, we love one another the most. And truth is, that at times, we probably treat one another the most poorly.
I'm tremendously sorry for that and I know that he is too.
Again, can we mention that grace that humbles us, and surprises us, and propels us forward, again and again?
Tonight we will sneak out and share a meal together and remember to love one another well. (He does still take my breath away.)
I'm thankful that we continue to say "I will."

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