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06 June 2008

Friday Five- O! Summer!

Today's Friday Five:
Five things our family loves about O! summers!

1. Swimming: Usually "swimming" has meant the summer season with our neighborhood pool and the City Swim League. But this year, big time swimming comes to our town. Today, K is headed downtown to the Qwest Center for the Mutual of Omaha SWIMVITATIONAL, a pre-Olympic Trials event. Then in July, the Olympic Swim Team trials will be held in the same pool. (Go here for video of the pool being constructed)The photo is from the very cool banner that is on the front of the Mutual of Omaha building during the events. Very cool!
(photo credit to Jeff Bundy of the Omaha World Herald)

2. Baseball: This week J started games with his team, the Cardinals. In the two games he has played in, he played at catcher, pitcher, and third base. But, there's other baseball we enjoy in the summer, too. Of course, Omaha is home to the NCAA College World Series and we've been fortunate enough to been gifted with much coveted tickets to that event each of the last couple of years. We also look forward to the Omaha Royals Independence Day game and fireworks each year.
(photo credit to the CWSOmaha)

3. Concerts: Two free summer concerts we're looking forward to, both at Memorial Park- the "Bank of America Celebrates America" concert with Grucci fireworks. I ask you, what sings "celebrate America" more than Kool and the Gang, 38 Special and Night Wing? Ok- so maybe it's not the music, but the opportunity to lay outside, eat a bunch of picnic-y junk food, buy glow in the dark necklaces, and watch fireworks... On July 12, the city sponsors Feist, that admitedly, I am neither cool or hip enough to know if it weren't for this commercial. But, again, outside, junk food, free... :-)

4. Arts and Parks: Each year, the kids and I, and sometimes other eager tag-alongs, wander through the Summer Arts Festival, picking out our favorite pieces, watching people and pets, snacking on treats. We can hardly go downtown without a stop at our favorite ice cream shop, Ted and Wally's. We always stop for a run down the slide in the Gene Leahy Mall.
(photo credit here)

5. Doing not much of anything at all, or whatever we feel like doing...
"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." ~John Lubbock

Staying up late. Catching fireflies. Sleeping in. Reading. Playing with neighbor friends. Running through the sprinklers. Crafty creations. Watermelon. Popsicles.
(photo credit: me.)

Summer in O!.


sperlonga said...

Oh, and come and rest here, too! I have a fountain that I can put in the pool. It is sooo cool!! Almost French. :)
AND Shakespeare on the Green! Looking forward to it.

O. is THE place, isn't it?

C and J said...

AND Ted and Wally's and the Fourth Fireworks! You picked some of the best! Happy O! Love from Ankara!