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27 March 2009

Photo Story Friday- a housefull

Count 'em- 9 kids, and five in the front yard playing whiffleball and football besides!

We only had 9 for most of the day, my five plus four that we happily borrowed while their parents attend a homeschool conference today. And then another joined the crowd after school until her mom got home. And then two brothers came over to play. And then two neighbor boys joined the crowd in the yard. And then, there you are, all of the sudden 14 kids in and on and around the house.

But a good crowd it is.
And that's the story this Friday.

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Simply Sara said...

Oh, I can just imagine the fun day that all those smiling beauties had at your house...and the noise level!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That's a kid or two! It's always better with a few more!! :D

Bloggling Brooks said...

Wish I had known, I'd have brought my crew by... sounds like fun!

Michelle said...

Whoa....that is a lot of kids. But always better to have everyone at your house than some where else. :)