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03 February 2017


It all seems straight forward, matter of fact. There is a pattern, right? But you need exact measurements, not too tight, not too slack, in the right place. Then you must add the adjustment. That number doesn't always fit right in the size listed. So maybe then you have to find a fit in-between sizes, and draw new lines in different places.

It all seems straight forward. Fill out the application, get accepted. But there are transcripts and documents to be sent. And changes. And sent again. There are conditions that even the people who enforce the requirements have not written down.

It all seems straight forward to figure out the "itch without a rash." There should be flow chart, right? It could be that you need to drink more water. It could be cancer (isn't that what these online self-diagnosis always lead to...?). Or maybe, you are anxious about something? How do you get rid of that?

It all seems straight forward; people have been marrying for millennium. But listening to different people on different days talk about marriage? Husbands and wives don't always behave in the way they should. There is sin and brokenness. And then comes the hurt and how to react and how to go forward.

Simplicity is not always simple.

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