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25 February 2017


I sat next to my friend and drove. And listened. What is there about even a mini-road trip, an hour drive down the highway, that allows us to cross ordinary hurdles and speak from the heart? We both still thought of the lesson from the teaching at church the night before, and recounted how it spoke to us in very different ways. We are at different places in life, my friend and I. Not many of her daily challenges and problems resemble mine. And yet, we share the same hope, and that is a strong bond.

I drop her off, and smile, grateful for our time together. I wonder, what will 30 more years bring? Who will drive me and help me to learn the latest technology? Who will listen to my fears during an afternoon trip? Who will be challenging me to abound in hope? I have lots of ideas, and plenty of hope, and I am eager to see.

(and strawberry shortcake in February? Certainly all is well when there is whipped cream on top, right?)

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