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04 February 2017


Happy Friend Day, my computer screen announced when I checked in to Facebook. Then I watched a running timeline of my own face with the faces of my friends through the years. Well that made me smile!

I have good friends. Really good. It's a bit of a wonder to me, and not a thing that I take for granted. In the last couple months of a hard season, I don't think that more than two days have gone by without a note or a greeting of some sort, a "how are you?" or "I am praying for your family." I missed a call from a far-away friend today, and the message made me smile and "aww" and sigh out loud.

"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul," says one translation of Proverbs 27:9. What a comfort in life, to share daily walk with those special people who are absolutely safe, who know by a look if "fine" is really fine, who translate the secret emoji code, who know your favorite color gum and how you drink your coffee, who know even quiet is ok, who pray without ceasing.

Thanks for the reminder, Facebook.

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