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10 January 2016


The truth is, you would think by this time in life we wouldn't struggle to get out the door on time. And yet, here we were on yet another Sunday morning, squabbling and getting all heart-bruised over last minute distractions. I needed a deep breath before I walked in that door. Everything fell into place as I saw the smile and wave of one my favorite girls, her eyes up and looking at this late-comer when everyone else had their head bowed. I slid into the couch next to her and inclined my head low and my pride lower.

Prone to wander, indeed. How thankful I am that He brings me quick to him. How thankful I am for forgiveness and assurance. And how thankful I am for dear friends, even of the 9 year old variety.  

(and how thankful I am for this season of a grapefruit a day, and friends that share generously!)

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