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08 January 2016


The sun slipped slowly, closer and closer to the horizon, but I gambled on just enough time to take a run. I thought I'd go on the safe route, around neighborhood streets, past driveways and street signs. But I turned the corner and the sky pulled me north and west, past the wide open fields waiting to be planted yet again. I ran and I thought and I prayed. I met a dog and he ran with me too far, and I had to walk him home again. And I marveled at all this life holds.

In this first week, I am thankful for
home away from home,
early morning hot coffee and a quiet corner on the couch,
a place to serve,
brown-eyed kids who grab my heart,
young men singing four-part harmony,
relationships in unlikely places,
conversations on mini-van cart seats,
laughing deep,
text messaging,
kindness and humility,
stillness in prayer,
the cool of overcast and the hope of sunshine,
grace upon grace,
my peeps,

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