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30 January 2016


At times it seems that the finest of lines divide complacent from content, but today I could honestly confess gratitude for place and people and circumstance.

My faithful barista and early morning latte delivery
As there is seriousness without sourness, so there is a cheerful liveliness without lightness. (Thomas Watson)
But God... (Ephesians 2:4)
morning run
morning prayer, even over the phone
unexpected phone calls
the blessing of a left, a left, a right, and down the road pick-up
doggy play date
chicken tortilla soup
easy lunch date fellowship
sunbeams on the car
parking lot real
a hug from my fave Sam's Club greeter
text that makes me laugh
a brew with my man
good dinner
confession and repentance and forgiveness
and the promise of tomorrow

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