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28 February 2010

February Photo Challenge

And "challenge" is correct.
I had to really think and search and hunt to meet all the requirements for the February challenge.

Favorite moments in the hunt-
the unexpected fire engines in front of our church one evening.  (Just a gas leak false alarm- no worries!)
GIMP edits that helped a blah sky against a gray building look completely change a photo.
The treats from the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.
Searching county backroads for a landscape scene.
Making the b/w selective color work!  (though I need more practice on that!)

The color in this collage surprises me, because I have so very many photos from this month in shades of gray.

All of my photos can be seen close-up in a Picasa web album here.  And be sure to enjoy the work of the other participants too!  Be sure to visit the Photo Hunt Challenge site to see work from all the participants- including a few friends of mine!


Marcy said...

What wonderful photos! I love the variety - and the color!

Julie Brooks said...

Excellent photos my friend! I love your something pink. Makes me smile! ;) I will be posting mine to my blog in a bit. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's as well.

norsk said...

Great pictures!

Michelle said...

I love all of your shots. The that was too funny!

The hearts and the homemade hearts I loved or hearted. :)

Great job, I'm sure you will make it into the top picks.

Kristi said...

Kristy, I just loved all your shots! I left comments on photos in your Picasa album

Raquel said...

Lots of great pics. The picture of the puppy was my favorite :)

Heidi said...

looks like a great hunt! I think I like the oscar meyer weieners the best though!
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