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02 January 2017


The day began in a cloudy haze over the neighborhood but quickly cleared up to clear blue skies. The first Monday of the new year, the first Monday of the work week- the team assembled near the entrance of the dump, hooked up the generators, plugged in the power tools, and flipped down the welding masks. Not long after, the vet arrived, and horses stomped their feet and shook their heads after receiving vaccinations and de-worming meds and vitamins.
Cart Team 2017 is underway.

The team traveled here this week to serve the trash cart workers that cross through the neighborhood of Aquilles Serdan on their way to the dump. Horse and donkey drawn carts are the primary garbage "trucks" in Reynosa. This week the team will work alongside the drivers to make repairs to their carts. Our vet for the week will check out the animals and provide meds and simple wound care. Some will play with kids of the drivers and from the nearby houses alongside the dump. Those of us who are here all the time will have opportunity to spend some time with our neighbors, learn more about their lives and tell them more of why we are here and more of Jesus. It is a week of putting word and deed together to love our neighbor well.

There was a burn today at the dump and the smoke floated just behind us. The clouds created beautiful filters in the sunlight, a premature "golden hour" for photography. And in a small way, again today we are reminded, He is giving us beauty from ashes.

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