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04 January 2017


It is not the arithmetic of our prayers — how many they be;
nor the rhetoric of our prayers — how eloquent they be;
nor their geometry — how long they be;
nor their music — how sweet their voice may be;
nor their logic — how argumentative they be;
nor yet their method — how orderly they be;
nor even their divinity — how good their doctrine may be, which God cares for:
but it is the fervency of spirit which availeth much.
(Bishop Joseph Hall, 1808)

(from "Seven Steps to Strengthen Prayer" by Bonnie McKernan on the Desiring God blog)

I think about the new year and new mercies and how to pray-
that I would recognize God's glory all around me,
that I would daily know and share His grace and steadfast lovingkindness,
that I would be His messenger, in word and in deed, to hungry world searching for hope,
that I would be quick to confess and quick to repent and quick to cry out, "I believe; help my unbelief."

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