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31 January 2017


"No puedo leer," he told us.
I can't read.
For these two homeschool moms, that can't be.
Right away, Keila told him,
"Podemos enseñarte a leer."
The very next day, this kid with a tough exterior arrived early, even sitting through part of fútbol, to hand print sounds,
ma me mi mo mu,
and sound out the words, one by one, syllable by syllable, on the page of the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Another teen with a swagger comes through the door to get a drink of water and sees him at the table, across from the teacher, and raps him on the head to make fun of him. Keila asks him to read. He takes the book and looks at the words, and hands it back to her. "Puedo leer. Pero no me GUSTA leer," he says. "Muy bien," she answers him, "No se burle a el.  Pero podemos enseñarte a leer tambien." ("Very well. Don't tease him. But we can teach you to read too.")

Surprisingly, this evening, the kids we expect to be trouble, to make fun of the activities, to cause problems, they behave. They stop and shake our hands and say thank you when they leave.
Ministry is a one by one, syllable by syllable work.

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