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10 January 2017


First day back to my Mexican English students. I left with the rising sun in my rear view mirror. A few miles down the road, I realized that I would be arriving in the 'hood completely on my own for the morning. I left my husband at home. My usual bodyguard, PE teacher Big D, has started sabbatical. I knew that others might be late to the office. I pulled over before entering the bridge and sent a quick text to my best-est prayer partner to join me in petition for the day. "I'm fine and I'm not anxious, but I'm mindful of the battle. And our prayers are never wasted, right?," I tapped.

It was bright with clear blue skies when the school aide came to tell me that I left my lights on. We do that a lot in this car. My third graders ran to the window. I ran to turn the lights off and then tried to turn the car on. No such luck. The next text was to my Reynosa missionary brotherhood. "Can any of you come over and give me a jump before noon...?," I asked. My hero was waiting outside the gate before I finished the morning classes.

Again, I can't help but be thankful for protection and for provision and for the village that surrounds me so faithfully, even in my own carelessness.

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