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27 January 2017


It happened in a blink. One moment- I'm trotting along, about to check my watch, anticipating what's ahead. The next- I'm on the ground, gasping for breath, wondering what hurts. I got up quickly as air re-inflated my lungs, hoping no one saw that all-too-rapid and I'm sure not-at-all-graceful descent to the pavement. Let's be honest, it probably would have earned a dramatic OHHHH!!! from any unexpecting witnesses...  The damage to my body was minimal, scraped fingers and palms and elbows. My t-shirt bears  something akin to road rash from the asphalt, a trail of gray-black trailing rather mockingly through the logo of "Color Run." I spent a few minutes recalibrating and then finished in a jog, but the sting remains a bit even now. Lose our way, we get back up again echoes the soundtrack today.

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