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06 January 2017


I often marvel at the unpredictable diversity of experience in this life we live at the US/Mexico border. This week has been early mornings with my Father, fresh brewed coffee and roosters in the distance. I have opportunity to serve breakfast and lunch and dinner in a team to a team. I've felt the warm rays of sunshine on my face and rolled up my sleeves for the heat of midday and I've pulled on a long-sleeve shirt and hidden my hands inside my sleeves to stay warm. I've pet dogs and donkeys and horses and crossed paths with cats and chickens and a very large pig.  I've laughed out loud at stuffed monkeys and aliens and a virtual rolling bakery on a cart. This week I've swept floors, done laundry and washed dishes. I pulled out rusty nails from decaying boards and I've hammered shiny fresh ones back into clean lumber too. I've also taken care of business back at home, in that other world we live- changing basketball schedules and enrolling girls into classes and creating transcripts. I've mourned not being near far-away family who are sick and who are hurting. I have breathed prayer. I have played with kids and exchanged handshakes with trash cart drivers and shared hugs with their wives. I've spoken English and Spanish and some babbled mix of tongues in between. Multiple times, I've been able to stand next to a person and tell them of how I believe God's faithfulness and the grace of Christ for those who trust in Him.

It's all ordinary extraordinary.
I am blessed.

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Elaine Olson said...

Ahhhhmazing! Isn't this life like that?! Crying with one person and laughing with the next. God is good to give us both, really.