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01 March 2010

Pray for the Vogel Family

Would you all please pray for Laura Vogel and her family?

I played soccer with Laura and her sister Susie in middle school and high school.  Mr. Vogel was my coach for several years and it was really through that experience that I developed a love for playing that game. 

Laura had moved to Maui, and has been missing on Maui since last week.  The family is trying to get as much publicity for Laura as possible.  It seems unlikely that this little blog will help find Laura, but I do believe in the power and comfort of our God.  I believe that to pray is to do something.

Pray that Laura will be found, that those searching would have wisdom in where to look, that her family would know the comfort of the Lord in this time.

A blog has been started to maintain updates on Laura's case-
Find Laura Vogel

Thanks so much.

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