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22 October 2008

What Works for Me Wednesday- "Best Friends"

Adding my .02 to the grand carnival of great ideas at Works-for-me-Wednesday over at Rocks In My Dryer...

It happens sometimes in my house of 5 kids- there are days when two just cannot seem to get along. No matter what. Little things. Big things. Squabbling and arguing and general discontent with a brother. (or more likely, in my house of 4 girls and one boy- a sister...)

I guess common wisdom says to separate, send each to his or her own corner, and never the two shall meet. I found that doesn't solve the heart problem at all- rather, it just gives each time to stew in a self-justifying-how-wrong-the-other-kid-is simmer.

So, What Works for Me? Best friends. I purposely make the two that are at odds with one another play with each other. Two games, each one chooses a game that must be played together. Two chores- two chores (my choosing!) that must be completed together. And they are to remain together, a best friend unit, until they can be cheerful with one another. Partners.

If they really don't want to be together, it serves them well to play nice and work hard, so they can be finished and released from duty. But, usually by the time they finish playing and working, they have forgotten why they were mad at one another in the first place, and they not only keep playing, but then the others wonder what is going on and want to join in too.

It Works for Me...
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Joetta said...

Sounds like good advice. I wish I had that idea 16 years ago!!

sperlonga said...

Sounds like good marriage training, too!!! :)

Wanda said...

Excellent idea!

I too make my kids work it out.
If they can't respect one another we stick to resolving it.
They always seem to find happiness.

They're all best friends!

Love it!