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02 November 2016


(for November I'm participating in the November gratitude challenge with the hello there, friend community- an image and a bit of text each day. not much different than every day, right?) 

I remember the first time I read Be still and know that I am God, a brand new believer maybe reading the Psalms for the first time. My friend gave me a book with the old poetry in modern language. 
"Relax, stop fretting, and remember that I am still your God; I still hold the reins on this world of yours."

Even today inhale deeply when I think be still- those moments of peace that arrive in surprise places. On Tuesdays it shows itself in a half hour increment of routine, making coffee for the evening and sitting on an old couch in quiet, waiting for everyone to arrive. 

I am thankful for everyday habits of peace, for a coffee visit and a ride in the passenger seat with dear ones (um, & for coffee...), for a quiet couch, for my faithful ESL staff, for my students, for friends that cause me to smile, for my family at the end of the day.

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