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02 November 2016


We walked in and the first thing we discovered was the aquarium full of toys this busy guy deposited while his mom took a quick bathroom stop. It's his new favorite pastime- so far he's a bit unrepentant but I think he'll learn pretty quick. After all, he is quick! and busy! we rolled the ball down the slide and tossed the ball up the slide and we read books (well, the same book again and again) and stacked blocks and shook the shaker and climbed up and climbed down... all in about an hour. It was good medicine, to get down to toddler level, and remember the joy of ordinary delights.

I am thankful for my friend- the best Spanish teacher and the mom who always encourages my sometimes crusty heart, for busy little boys, for sitting next to friends to learn together, for looks that say without speaking, for a short nap in the sun, for calls from far away, for voices in unison Holy, Holy, Holy, merciful and mighty! God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!, for corporate prayer, for the thrill of game 7. 

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