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30 November 2016


In the very last play of the first half, our leading scorer fell down, the weak ankle injured again. The rest of the team needed another quarter to get their bearings. But in the fourth quarter, every single player left really played. Every girl hustled and scrambled and shot and little by little, closed the gap. In the end, they fell just short. But despite the loss, it was a victory for teamwork, I think. Isn't that how it is? We don't know how much we have within us until we are forced to use it?

I'm thankful for:
my friend at the Sam's Club door,
a cuppa and the best company,
dinner in the crockpot,
our visitor,
girls who play hard,
ankles that heal,
"But when the prophets of the Bible foretell the future, the future they foretell is Christ."

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