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04 November 2016


“If every person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary - the world really would be a better place. And if you do this, if you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone else, somewhere, someday, may recognize in you, in every single one of you, the face of God.” 
― R.J. PalacioWonder

I am thankful for early morning friend meet-ups,
you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God and there is none else,
the women who sharpen me,
dinner in the crock pot,
my girl who bakes,
tunes to sing to on the radio,
unexpected drink stop,
plans coming together,
and a peaceful meal,
and a very good ending.

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