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06 November 2016


The sun shone unseasonably warm for a November day, but who can predict 10th anniversary celebration weather? The teachers and students and families came out to eat and to fellowship. How can you go wrong with the MexiDog and bounce houses? I generally feel pretty comfortable is Spanish, at least to make my point known (though I did turn over in my head the possibilities of the conditional tense of querer all afternoon...). But being with the deaf kids knocks any sense of confidence to communicate well right out from under me. Sure, it's easy to question "one hot dog or two?" with the flash of a couple of fingers, but it's so much more difficult to ask, "how have you been? How are the sewing projects? You look so pretty today!"

I'm thankful for
friends who share generously with my family,
safe travels back and forth,
10 years of service to the Reynosa deaf community,
we know He hears us.

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