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15 November 2016


Everything seemed just a hand's reach out of grasp for that littlest guy last night. His brother rolled him up to the door in the stroller, and had to leave once to go home to change his diaper. When it was time for art, we taped paper on the easel for him, too. He scribbled his self-portrait with lines in three colors. We kept a tight grip on his chubby hands around the staircase, and he never really strayed from eye-shot of his brother.

(and checkers?! who knew that rules differ across borders and even across families of the same culture...?!)

I'm thankful for-
He who does marvelous things without number,
eager third-grade learners,
blue skies peeking through the clouds,
our team,
these neighborhood kids,
home at the end of the day.

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