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15 November 2016


These people, my English as a Second Language students- they help to make my life so very rich.
One became a US citizen this summer, just in time to proudly vote in her first United States Presidential election. One visits her mom and family across the border every weekend to make sure that they go to church. One has brought several other friends and family members to class this semester. One is mom to three busy and very adorable kids. One is a pastor's wife in a bilingual congregation. One was badly hurt in a work accident during the summertime and is yet enduring healing and physical therapy. They work hard and they continue to persevere and I'm proud to know each one of them.

I'm thankful for
the generosity of others,
His love isn't conditional and his grace is never temporary,
a sincere "how are you today" when he didn't have to at all,
examples of friendship in perhaps unexpected places,
gathering together and giving thanks.
(um, and still again, apple pie...)

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